Global History Student Conference [call for papers]

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Call for papers (deadline: 1st of March 2015 on globalhistorystudentconference)

« In recent years, global history has become one of the most ambitious and most promising strands of historical research. The approach specifically targets relations, flows, and actors which transcend borders that for a long time had been assumed to be stable and impenetrable. It calls attention to the importance of trans-regional, transnational or trans-local connections and highlights the relevance of postcolonial theory to historiography. But how can we actually “do global history“ in practical terms? What are concrete examples of researching and writing global history? How can global history compliment and work alongside other schools of history writing?
We – a group of students enrolled in the MA Global History at Humboldt University Berlin und Free University Berlin – would like to invite you to discuss these issues with us at the Global History Student Conference in Berlin by presenting your research projects to fellow students. »

For more information, please check the full call for papers

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