Recent book by A. Stanziani

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We are glad to announce the publication of Sailors, Slaves, and immigrants. Bondage in the Indian Ocean World, 1750-1914, by Alessandro Stanziani (Palgrave McMillan, Sept. 2014) see on the publisher’s webpage Presentation Slaves, convicts, indentured immigrants, and unfree seamen have traveled the world’s … Lire la suite­­

Recent Publications by Haneda Masashi

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Prof. Haneda’s most recent books include: View Prof. Haneda’s full bibliography on our website Asian Port Cities 1600-1800. Foreign and Local Cultural Exchange. (editor), National University of Singapore Press & Kyoto University Press 2009 Publisher’s webpage Sécularisations et Laïcités, (editor), … Lire la suite­­

Recent Publications by A. Eckert

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Prof. Eckert’s last publications include the following: To view Prof. Eckert’s full bibliography, click here Ed. with Sebastian Conrad & Ulrike Freitag, Globalgeschichte. Theorien, Themen, Ansätze (Frankfurt a.M.: Campus, 2007), 347 pp. Ed. with Shalini Randeria: Vom Imperialismus zum Empire – Nicht-westliche Perspektiven … Lire la suite­­

Recent Publications by S. Conrad

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Prof. Sebastian Conrad recently published various books dealing with Gobal History. To view Prof. Conrad’s full bibliography, please click here. Globalgeschichte. Eine Einführung, München (C.H. Beck) 2013 Publisher’s page German Colonialism: A Short History, Cambridge (Cambridge University Press) 2012. German edition: Deutsche … Lire la suite­­

Recent publications by Stanziani

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Prof. Stanziani recently published the following books related with Global History. View Prof. Stanziani’s full Bibliography on the GHC website For more readings, you can acces the alphabetic list of GHC members publciations here. Alessandro Stanziani, Bondage, Labor and Rights in Eurasia … Lire la suite­­

Programs & Offers

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One of the missions of the Global History Collaborative consortium will be to propose study and research programs, grants, positions and opportunities for junior scholars as well as for senior scholars. Announcements will be published in the « Programs & resources » … Lire la suite­­


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Alongside publications in the field of Global History, this website is also intended to provide links to external resources such as bibliographies, associations and institutions involved in the study of Global History, and all kinds of resources. Members of the … Lire la suite­­


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The GHC website intends to become an important platform for the diffusion of publications in the field of global history. A list of GHC members’ publications will be provided alongside a list of important publications in the field. Please have … Lire la suite­­

A short presentation

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As a way to introduce Global History Collaborative to our visitors, we publish in this note the short presentation of the project: Global History Collaborative is based in Berlin / Paris / Princeton / Tokyo. centers from EHESS, the Freie Universität of … Lire la suite­­