GHC First Summer School 2015

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Events Related to the GHC 1st Summer School in Japan

For a presentation of the Summer seminar, please have a look here

Pictures of the 2015 summer Seminar in Japan are published HERE

1. Wednesday, September 2: Review Meeting of Alessandro Stanziani’s Books

Venue: Meeting Room No.1, 3rd Floor, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, The University of Tokyo
Time: 13:30-17:30
Moderator: Haneda Masashi (University of Tokyo)
Session 1: Sailor, Slaves, Immigrants
Comment 1: Suzuki Hideaki (Nagasaki University)
Comment 2: Atsushi Ota (Hiroshima University)
Response from the Author (Alessandro Stanziani)

Session 2: After Oriental Despotism
Comment 1: Abe Naofumi (University of Tokyo)
Comment 2: Birgit Tremml-Werner (University of Tokyo)
Comment 3: Kudo Akihito (Gakushuin Women’s University)
Response from the Author (Alessandro Stanziani)

2. Friday, September 4: Workshop on African History

Venue: Sanjo Hall, Meeting Room 201-202
Time: 13:00-17:00
Participants: Andreas Eckert, Takezawa Shoichiro (National Museum of Ethnology), Suzuki Hideaki (Nagasaki University), etc.

3. Sunday, September 6: Welcome Party

Time: 18:30
Venue: Banquet Room, Hotel Forest Hongo (

4. Wednesday, September 9: Symposium “Potential of Global History”

Venue: Fukutake Learning Theater, the University of Tokyo
Time: 16:30-18:30
Moderator: Haneda Masashi
Participants: Jeremy Adelman, Sebastian Conrad, Andreas Eckert, Alessandro Stanziani
This is an event open for the public with simultaneous interpretation.

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