Ines G. Županov – Publications

Directrice de recherche, CNRS (CEIAS)

zupanov-catholic-orientalismCo-authored monograph:

Catholic Orientalism ; Portuguese Empire, Indian Knowledge (16th-18th c.), with Ângela Barreto Xavier, Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 2015, pp. XXVI + 386 pages.

Edited book:

Cosmopolitisme en Asie du Sud; Sources, Itinéraries, Langues, coedited with Corinne Lefèvre (CNRS) and Jorge Flores (EUI, Florence), in the collection Puruṣārtha 33, (CEIAS/EHESS), 2015, pp. 367.

Chapters in Books/ Articles in Journals:

“Descriptive Visualisations: Appropriating Images of Nature in Portuguese Empire in Asia”, Visualizing Portuguese Power. The Political Use of Images in Portugal and Its Overseas Empire (16th to 18th Century), ed. Urte Krass, Berlin/Zurich: Diaphanes, 2016, pp. 261-288.

“The Historiography of the Jesuit Missions in India (1500–1800)”, Historiography of the Jesuits, ed. Robert A. Maryks, Leiden: Brill Online Reference Works, 2016, open access

“Sinners and Confessors: Missionary dialogues in India, Sixteenth Century”, Christianity in Indian History: Issues of Culture, Power and Knowledge, eds. Pius Malekandathil, Tanika Sarkar, Joy L. K. Pachuau, New Delhi: Primus, 2016, pp. 119-140.

“Translating the Doctrina christiana : Jesuit Linguistic Mission before and after the Council of Trent (Sixteenth-Seventeenth century India)”, Trent and Beyond. The Council, Other Powers, Other Cultures, eds. Michela Catto and Adriano Prosperi, Turnhout: Brepols Publishers, 2016, pp. 559-581.

“Introduction”, with Corinne Lefèvre, Cosmopolitisme en Asie du Sud; Sources, Itinéraries, Langues (XVIe-XVIIIe siècles), Puruṣārtha, 33, (CEIAS/EHESS), 2015, pp. 13-44.

“Garcia de Orta’s Colóquios; Context and Afterlife of a Dialogue”, Medicine, Trade and Empire Garcia de Orta’s Colloquies on the Simples and Drugs of India (1563) in Context, ed. Palmira Fontes Costa, Ashgate Press, 2015, pp. 49-65.

“The Pulpit Trap: Possession and Personhood in Colonial Goa”, RES, Anthropology and Esthetics, 65/66: 2014/2015, pp. 298-315.