KURODA Akinobu
List of Publications

Kuroda Akinobu, “Anonymous Currencies or Named Debts?: Comparison of Currencies, Local Credits and Units of Account between China, Japan and England in the Pre-industrial Era”, Socio Economic Review 11-1, (Oxford UP) pp.57-80, 2013.

Kuroda Akinobu, Translation in Chinese: “Ouyadalu de baiyin shidai 欧亚大陆的白银时代(1276-1359)”, translated by Gao Congming高聪明, Sixiang zhanxian思想战线THINKING 38-6, pp.79-85, 2012.

Kuroda Akinobu, ‘The Eurasian Silver Century, 1276-1359: Commensurability and Multiplicity”, Journal of Global History 4-2 (Cambridge UP) pp.245-269, 2009.

Kuroda Akinobu, “Currency Circuits Concurrent but Non-integrable: Complementary Relationship among monies in Modern China and other Regions”, Financial History Review 15-1 pp. 17-36, 2008.