List of Publications


Acts of Union and Disunion, Profile Books, 2014, 188 pp. This is an amplified version of fifteen talks I was commissioned to deliver on BBC Radio 4 in January 2014, to give interested members of the UK public a deeper historical background on the formation, politics and divisions of the UK, in the light of the forthcoming referenda on Scottish independence and British withdrawal from the European Union and other identity issues.

T0385721463.01.MZZZZZZZhe Ordeal of Elizabeth Marsh: A Woman in World History, Harper Collins/Random House 2007, 363 pp.; New York Times list of best ten books of 2007; German translation, 2009; Italian translation, 2010; Korean translation, 2013; Vintage (US) and Harper Perennial (UK) paperback editions 2008

Captives: Britain, Empire and the World 1600-1850, Jonathan Cape, 2002/Pantheon, 2003, 438 pp.; Pimlico and Vintage paperback editions, 2003; Italian translation, 2004; Japanese translation forthcoming. This book was the focus of two academic conferences, at the University of Tasmania, 23-24 June 2005, and at University College London, 10-11 November 2005.

0300059256.01.MZZZZZZZBritons: Forging the Nation 1707-1837, Yale University Press, 1992, 429 pp. Wolfson Prize 1993. Pimlico paperback editions 1994, and (revised) 2003; Vintage paperback edition 1996; Japanese translation, 2001; revised Yale University Press paperback, 2005; 3rd revised YUP and 5th paperback edition, 2009; Chinese translation of this edition, 2012.
In August 2012, an international conference of historians, art historians and literary scholars was held at St. Andrews University, Scotland, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the first publication of this book: Emblems of Nationhood: Britishness 1707-1901

Namier, Historians on Historians series, Weidenfeld & Nicolson/St.Martin’s Press, 1989, 145 pp.

In Defiance of Oligarchy: The Tory Party 1714-1760, Cambridge University Press, 1982, 375 pp.; paperback edn., 1985; re-issued 2003.

In progress:

Wordpower: Writing Constitutions and Making Empires

Penguin History of Eighteenth Century Britain

Essays and Contributions to books

Taking Stock of Taking Liberties: A Personal View (British Library, 2008): Catalogue and introduction to an exhibition that I guest-curated at the British Library on British historical constitutional documents and their meanings, and that ran from October 2008-March 2009. The exhibition attracted c.100,000 visitors.

“‘This Small Island’: Britain, Size and Empire”, Proceedings of the British Academy in 2004 (Raleigh Lecture). Shorter version published in Times Literary Supplement 20 September 2002

“The Narrative of Elizabeth Marsh: Barbary, Sex and Power”, in Felicity Nussbaum (ed.), The Global Eighteenth Century (Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, 2003)

“What is Imperial History Now?” in David Cannadine (ed.), What is History Now? (New York/Basingstoke, 2002). Greek, Arabic, Japanese, Spanish and Korean translations.

“The significance of the frontier in British history”, Roger Louis (ed.) More adventures with Britannia: personalities, politics and culture in Britain (University of Texas Press, Austin, 1998)

“The aesthetics of dominance: The cultural reconstruction of the British elite in an age of revolutions”, Willem Melching and Wyger Velema (eds.), Main Trends in Cultural History: Ten Essays (Amsterdam, 1994).

“The reach of the state, the appeal of the nation: mass arming and political culture in the Napoleonic wars”, Lawrence Stone (ed.), An Imperial State at War: Britain from 1689-1815 (London, 1993).

“What is to be expected from the people? Civic virtue and the common man in England, 1700-1760”, Gordon J. Schochet (ed.), Politics, Politeness, and Patriotism (Folger Institute, Washington, DC, 1993).

Introductory essay, Crown Pictorial: Art and the British Monarchy (Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, 1990).

“Britain 1714-1815”, New Encyclopedia Britannica (Chicago, 1990)

“Radical patriotism in 18th century England”, Raphael Samuel (ed.), Patriotism: The Making and Unmaking of British National Identity (London, 3 vols, 1989)

“Historical background to the English Rococo”, The Rococo: Art and Design in Hogarth’s England, Victoria and Albert Museum, 1984.

Miscellaneous Essays

The Indian armed forces and politics since 1947: Putting difference in context.
Nehru Memorial Lecture 2003:

Another Making of the English Working Class: The Lash and the Imperial Soldiery, Socialist History Society Occasional Paper, 2003.

Britain as Europe (Beall-Russell Lecture, Baylor University, 2000); revised version in New Britain – the Report (Smith Institute, London, 2001); re-printed in D. and M. Leonard (eds.), The Pro-European Reader (London, 2002)

Britishness in the 21st Century (Prime Minister’s Millennium Lecture, 1999, 10 Downing Street web-site)

Shakespeare and the Limits of National Culture (Hayes Robinson Lecture, Royal Holloway College, 1999)


“Gendering the Globe: The Political and Imperial Thought of Philip Francis”, Past and Present 209 (2010)

“The Map of Empire: A Conversation with Linda Colley”, P-ROK (online), Volume 2, Number 2 (2007)

“The Difficulties of Empire: Present, Past and Future”, Common Knowledge 2005. This is the introductory essay to the first of two issues of this periodical I was asked to organize addressing intellectual strategies in regard to empire. A revised and amplified version was published, at the editor’s request, in Historical Research, 79 (2006).

“Perceiving Low Literature: The Captivity Narrative” (Bateson Lecture), Essays in Criticism 53 (2003)

“Britain and Islam 1600-1800: Different Perspectives on Difference” The Yale Review, 88 (2000); annotated version in Mare Liberum: Revista de História dos Mares 22 (2001).

“Going native, telling tales: captivity, collaborations and empire”, Past and Present, 168 (2000)

“The imperial embrace”, The Yale Review 81 (1993).

“Britishness and otherness: an argument”, Journal of British Studies 31 (1992). Revised version printed in Michael O’Dea and Kevin Whelan (eds.) Nations and Nationalisms: France, Britain, Ireland and the Eighteenth Century Context, Voltaire Foundation, Oxford, 1995. Japanese translation of original article, Shiso (1997).

“Whose nation? Class and national consciousness in Britain 1750-1830”, Past and Present 113 (1986).

“The politics of eighteenth-century British history”, Journal of British studies 25 (1986).

“The apotheosis of George III: loyalty, royalty and the British nation 1760-1820”, Past and Present 102 (1984).

“Eighteenth-century English radicalism before Wilkes”, Transactions of the Royal Historical Society XXXI (1981).

“The people above in eighteenth-century Britain”, Historical Journal XXIV (1981).

“The principles and practice of eighteenth-century party”, Historical Journal XXII (1979)

with M.A. Goldie “The Loyal Brotherhood and the Cocoa Tree: the London organization of the Tory party, 1727-1760”, Historical Journal XX (1977).

“The Mitchell election division, 24 March 1755”, Bulletin of the Institute of Historical Research XLIX (1976).

“Disraeli in 1851: Young Stanley as Boswell”, Historical Studies XV (1972)

with J.R. Vincent. In press: “Empires of Writing: America, Britain and Constitutions, 1776-1848” Law and History Review Spring, 2014

“The Global and the Nation State: Re-writing the history of constitutions”, to be published in Indian Economic and Social History Review in 2014


Juncture Interview on Britain’s Unions: Juncture 20 (2013)

“Making History through Movement”, The Hindu, 13 December 2011