OTA Atsushi
List of Publications

Ota Atsushi, “Raja Akil and Maritime Migrants in West Kalimantan, c. 1780-1850”, Hiroshima Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities 10, pp. 45-62, 2012.

Ota Atsushi, Okamoto Masaaki and Ahmad Suaedy (eds.), Maritime Violence and Colonial State Formation in Nineteenth-Century West Malay Waters: Historiography and New Perspectives, Kyoto: Center for Southeast Asian Studies; Taipei: CAPAS; Jakarta: Wahid Institute, 466 p, 2010.

Ota Atsushi, “The British Empire and Asia in the Long Eighteenth Century”, Tomotaka Kawamura (ed.), Global History and Maritime Asia Working Paper 17, pp.57-72, 2010.

Ota Atsushi, “Pirates or Entrepreneurs? Migration and Trade of Sea People in Southwest Kalimantan, c. 1770-1820” , Indonesia 90, pp.67-96, 2010.